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Anonymous 2017-12-22 08:09:48 No. 37


What woodworking/carpentry have you done? I've been working on a desktop recently. I bought a 6'x3'x1" board and drilled 2 holes for cable management. Then I sanded, stained, and sealed it. It was basically my first project and it went pretty well.

My board had a few divots in it, and I learned that you can mix some of your sawdust with wood glue to fill them. It looks pretty good. When I applied polyurethane it seemed to remove some of the stain. I waited an hour for the stain to dry, so I'm not sure if it wasn't fully dry or if the stain just wasn't well applied in that area. It doesn't matter very much but it was a little confusing.

I'll post a picture of the completed desk when I can. I'm planning to mount a usb hub and two power strips on the underside which will be pretty nice.