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hunter ###Admin 2018-10-11 01:16:53 No. 2

The Failure of edX

I recently looked through the edX catalog and I was really disappointed. I remember using edX back when it was just MITx with 6.002x, although I was too dumb to complete it.

Looking through the catalog today, I found that some courses were paid only (Professional courses). I felt that one of the cornerstones of edX was that everything was free, with optional payed certificates. Seeing that a significant number of courses are paywalled has made me lose a lot of interest in the platform. It sucks to see an interesting course only to find that it costs $300 dollars. At that point I may as well just go to the local university and take a class.

Another thing I found is a huge amount of "low-quality" content. By this I don't mean that the courses are bad (I didn't look at them), but that they shouldn't be there. As an example, look at the Advanced Computer Science courses. Maybe half of them are IT or intro-level courses from Microsoft or AWS. How is "Manage Office 365 Identities" advanced Computer Science? This is grouped together with courses on Quantum Cryptography. It feels completely random.

How could edX be better?

I think that edX would be much better if it stayed more focused. The edX software is open source, so if Microsoft wants to offer a cert program they should host their own instance for this. edX started out as a more involved version of MIT OCW, and I'd like to see it return to its roots.

I think the concept behind edX is amazing. Free, interactive education from the best universities in the world is awesome and the more the merrier. The platform just doesn't feel the same anymore.